How to Get Free Domain Name and Free Hosting in 2020

Creating website you need to buy domain name and web hosting for your business. when we 1st time create website we dont know how to create website dont know what will happen

so buying free domain name and free web hosting we will get our 1st journey of the creating website adding to search console and rank in the cloudflare.

What is Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your business and is the Brand name of your business so choose a perfect domain name for your business.

domain name is generally is the IP address which is simplify in the Names because we remeber names not specific numbers thats why.

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is the server of your website where you website files are stored and processed, so choosing the right web hosting to increase your website performances.

Web hosting is stored your website files and it also backup your websites data.

Get a Free Domain Name

If you are thing you will get TLD domain free then my friend this is not possible you will not get any TLD domain free if someone says he says false. dont believe in such news.

you can get a domain free which is free domain name such as




Go to the and search any free domain name and you will get your domain absuolately free for 1 year.

Get a free Web Hosting

There are many websites which can give you free hosting but my favourite is this is one of the best free web hosting sites.

i strongly recommneded you dont buy free web hosting this is not worthed it but you just staring off then buy and experince your website journey.

after creating and experiencing website journey shift to the Paid web hosting sites.

go to the infinityfree website in that with one email address you can 3 free domain hosting which is great i think

What are you Waiting for Go Live your Life.

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