How to Create a Website Free | Domain + Hosting =0

many people thinking of creating a website but the problem is then many have you don’t have money to create a website so in this blog, I will show you how to create a website absolutely free read the blog carefully to create your 1st website and start earning money.

for creating any website we need two things which is domain name and web hosting this to does not come free we have to buy them but you can get this thing free by some websites.

Before going any further we have to learn about what is domain name and web hosting..

so let’s get started.


Domain name is the name of your business and is the Brand name of your business so choose a perfect domain name for your business.

domain name is generally is the IP address which is simplify in the Names because we remeber names not specific numbers thats why.


Web hosting is the server of your website where you website files are stored and processed, so choosing the right web hosting to increase your website performances.

Web hosting is stored your website files and it also backup your websites data.

Now, i think you know what is web hosting and domain name this two thing we require for creating any website.


So let’s start creating your 1st website free.


Some website provide us free domain name this domain are of different extensions thsts why they get free.

this domain extensions are:




We don’t get TLD domain name free they are government provided paid domain

no one can give free TLD domain name if you have to buy a free domain name then you have to go with it this domain name extension.

Getting free domain name from Freenom

Freenom — is the website of buying a paid domain name and free domain name you can buy paid domain names from here

Go to this website and search for the any one of the free domain name extensions and then sign up to the freenom.

you just have to sign up to the freenom for getting your 1st domain name absoulatly free.

Sign up to the freenom and get your domain name free for 1 year after completing 1 year you have to pay them because this domain is free for only 1 year.


Just like we get a free domain name for your website as we can get free web hosting for our website by various free web hosting provider websites like infinityfree, AWS, Freehosting, etc.

Go to this website this is the best free web hosting service provider this gives you unlimited bandwidth with unlimited storage.

for getting free web hosting you just have to go to this website sign up for them and then create your 1st instance by adding your website domain name then change Nameservers of your domain to the Infinityfree NameServers.

After changing NameServers you can host your website free at infinityfree.

You can host 3 websites free in infinityfree for one email address.


The WordPress is the Best tool for website creators if you don’t know HTML or CSS coding then you have to use WordPress because it makes very easy to customize your website with WordPress.

Installing wordpress in your hosting is very easy go to the Softaculous installed click on the WordPress then click on the Install now button t =o install WordPress to your Website.

After installing WordPress Explore to the WordPress and seee what can you do in this WordPress.


The Theme is the Heart of your website is the look of your website to the world so choosing the right theme for your website is essential.

for every type of website there are different types of theme.

if your website is about e-commerce then you have to choose theme accordingly to this.

there are many themes which are free and paid choose any on of them and activate to your website.

choosing the right theme is essential for your website.

after choosing the theme you have to go the Appearance tab and click on the theme if you download the theme click on the add new and then upload your theme and activate or search in the theme and activate your theme.


If you are just starting of your website and you want to explore how a website is make then first create a website free and then go to the paid Domain name and pad web hosting.

there is nothing difficult to create any website you just have passion in your mind then you can easily create any website.

i hope this article will help you in creating your first website.

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