How To Add Your Website to Google Search Console in 2020

When we make our 1st website we don’t know how to add a website to google search console. in this blog, you will learn how to add a website to google search console with very easy steps.

adding a website to google search console is essential if you’re looking for your traffic come from google. adding your website in google search console makes google to know your website.

without adding your website in google search console your website can’t be seen in google search results.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is a platform for all who make a website and want to add a website on google, see the performance of your website and analytics of your website.

Google Search Console Basic tools:

In google search console you can see which posts of your website in rank in google search console, you can also see coverage issues of your website. you can remove any URL of your website in Removals.

Add Website to Google Search Console

Step by Step guide on how to add website to google search console.

Step 1: Go to the Google Search Console

The 1st thing you need to do is go to the Google Search Console. simply search on google “Google Search Console” and click on the 1st link you will forward to google search console.

click on the start now button to add website to google search console.

Step 2: Add your Domain Name

In the Next page you will see image like below

In this you have to add your domain name in 1st box. do not add your domain in the URL prefix box.

Add your domain name like without WWW, HTTP & HTTPS. after that click on the continue button to proceed in the add website to google search console.

Step 3: Add a Record in your DNS

After adding your domain name you need to verify your domain property that is you need to tell google it is your domain name, not other domain by adding a record in your DNS.

So you will think where is my DNS configuration and where is to add this copied text don’t worry I will explain all of that.

The 1st thing you have to click on the copy button for copying the code then you have to go to your DNS configuration. so, your DNS configuration in your hosting provider control panel.

If you are using HostGatorBlueHostHostingerSiteGround or any other hosting provider. then in your control panel, you can check DNS Zone option, click on the DNS zone button then click on the add a record option.

You can change your Hosting provider NameServers to Cloudflare NameServers. Cloudflare makes it easy in changing DNS or increasing page speed. with Cloudflare, you can get free SSL certificate also.

Go to the Cloudflare account then click on your domain name then you will see DNS section, click on the DNS section and add a record by clicking on add record.

Add a record as seen as in image.

Step 4: Go to Property

After Adding record in your DNS configuration simply click on the Verify button in the Google Search console for proceeding in how to add website to Google search console.

If you successfully add records in your DNS then you will see an image just like below.

Congratulations your website successfully adds in Google Search Console.

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