How to Add Tables in WordPress Without Plugin

If you looking for how to add tables in WordPress without plugin then you come to the right page. this article show step by step guide on how to add tables in WordPress.

When you are writing any post in WordPress and you need to add tables in your post. adding tables in WordPress post makes the post more dynamic and more informative to the user. Adding tables in WordPress post also help in SEO of your website.

Step by Step Guide on How to Add Tables in WordPress

It is very easy to add tables in WordPress without using any plugin. WordPress defaults provide table elements in Block editor. so, let’s start how to add tables in WordPress

The first thing you need to do is go to the post where you want to add a table, click on the + symbol in block editor and type table then you will see table symbol click on the table symbol.

After clicking on table symbol you will see the block where you have to add how many numbers of columns and number of rows you require for your posts. after adding how many numbers of rows and columns you want to use then click on the create table.

After clicking on the create table you will see your desire numbers of columns and rows table created. you will see your table just like the below image.

The table is created is an empty table and after that, you want to add Header Section for your table. Click on the table you will see the right side table setting and background colour section.

In Table setting section click on header section for adding header in your table. in the table section, you will see fixed width table cells option if you click this option then there is a fixed length of your table width. if you do no click on the fixed width table cells then WordPress automatically adjusts length of the width of the table.

In the color setting section, there is a background color option, if you want your table should have background colour then choose colours from the background section there are only 4 colours available in the color section.

For aligning your table left, center and right click on the align table symbol, after clicking on table align section choose which alignment you want for your table

You can align a column of your table also just after table symbol there is column align symbol click on the column align symbol and choose your alignment for columns.

You can add rows and columns anywhere in your table just look the below-given image click on the symbol and add row or column anywhere in your table.


Adding tables in WordPress posts is very easy you just have to follow some steps to add tables in WordPress without using any plugin. WordPress Block editor consist table element which makes you add a table in your WordPress without using any plugin.

To add tables in WordPress posts, all you need to do is follow some simple steps:

  1. Click on the + symbol
  2. then a search bar appears
  3. entered table in the search bar
  4. after add numbers of rows and columns for your table
  5. then add header section of your table
  6. in the color section add a background colour.
  7. choose the alignment of your table
  8. choose the alignment of your column
  9. Your desire table is created.

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